Paralyzed (Single)

by Honduras



released March 6, 2015



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Honduras Brooklyn, New York

Pat Phillips
Tyson Moore
Paul Lizarraga
Josh Wehle

Brooklyn, NY

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Track Name: Paralyzed
All alone in your apartment
I watch the clouds roll by
And the beasts were swimming
Into a cool damp night
All the people that I been with
I hope their shelter’s warm and bright
He smiled at me in a stairwell
It made me feel so paralyzed

In Chicago and she's dancing
Make sure the water don't run dry
She trusted me with all her records
Some Kind of Blue has got me high
All that is little is gigantic
So wipe that loathing from your eyes
Side 2 is only better
It made me feel so paralyzed

What you want from me?
More than I ever could be
You can't hear the sound
What you wanna, oh what you wanna do now?

I can feel us reaching less and less alive,
Silence is so crucial we have it to survive,
Am I selfish for not listening?
Just got another tune in mind
Oh this great life
Makes me feel so motherfucking paralyzed

All alone in my apartment
I hear the buzzing from the flies
Yet another disappointment
Has made me feel so paralyzed